Rail Industry Surface Preparation Solutions

Rail industry operators require portable, reliable roller conveyor shot blasting machine solutions to keep their rolling stock and infrastructure from corrosion. Thanks to constant exposure to the elements and heavy usage, rolling stock in particular requires regular refinishing to remain functional. With the Shotblast Group’s specialised blast rooms, carriage refurbishment systems and rolling stock refinishing units, we can provide specialist systems designed around a company’s equipment.

The Shotblast Group also manufactures complete underfloor and inspection pit abrasive recovery systems, allowing operators to gather potentially hazardous blasting materials for later re-use.

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When running rolling stock it’s vital to regularly refinish all moving parts including bogies, axles and other cast parts. The Shotblast group recommends using custom-built blasting equipment for these difficult components, with blasting media designed to reinforce and support existing coatings while also cleaning off rust, grime and airborne dirt. Specialist refinishing booths like those built by the Shotblast group can be fitted into existing trackside maintenance facilities or depots to make it easy to treat entire units of rolling stock at once.

Shot Peening

Rail components that undergo vigorous work stresses like coil springs and wheels often benefit from regular shot peening to reinforce their integrity and relieve stress. Shot peening involves blasting a surface with large quantities of metal, glass or plastic shot to deform and dent it into shape, using metal’s plasticity rather than abrading it away. Regular peening prevents microcracks from forming in train wheels and metal components and is a vital part of the process of keeping a rail network running.

Shot peening also strengthens welds and reinforces joints, allowing huge increases in fatigue life and component durability. It’s also crucial for keeping springs in functional condition and reducing relaxation. High intensity shot peening is crucial for keeping suspension and springs functioning correctly.

If you have any questions about shot blasting and peening for rail industry customers, contact The Shotblast Group today. We custom-design every one of our blasting and peening machines to ensure that they’re built to top quality and to meet the individual customer’s precise requirements.

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