Shot Blasting Tips: Things You Should Know

If you’re looking for a shot blasting or surface treatment solution, there’s a couple of things you should know beforehand. Shot blasting is highly efficient and effective, blasting high velocity abrasive material for cleaning, reinforcement or preparation of metal surfaces and components. There are several types of blasting machines for different abrasive delivery operations. Which one is suitable for your business and operation depends on the type of job you’re doing.

Compressed air and pneumatic systems are good for lower production applications, and finishing steel welds and frames. These systems use compressed air to fire steel shots like giant high-powered airguns, allowing you to direct shots horizontally or upwards and therefore greater flexibility.

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Centrifugal turbine systems, on the other hand, use a central wheel to accelerate shot more economically. They allow you to direct shot in a specific direction and allow for greater speed and quantity control, using one or multiple turbines. Centrifugal systems are more common but often bulkier.

When using your shot blasting machine, there are a wide variety of precautions and safety protocols that must be followed. These machines are surprisingly dangerous, both in terms of raw cutting power and the respiratory damage that can result from airborne and pulverised blasting material. Always wear protective gear, make sure the blasting room is clean and well-ventilated (better still, blast inside a specifically designed protective booth with vacuuming systems, also available from Shotblast.

Alongside protective gear, make sure you keep your machine clean. Correctly adjust control cages and locks to avoid considerable damage to your machinery. Replace the impeller regularly – if worn it makes cleaning less efficient and may damage the machine. Make sure you add abrasives in the correct proportions and refer to the manual to ensure blasting is done properly and get a good surface finish.

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