Shot Blasting Vs Sand Blasting

When deciding whether shot blasting or sand blasting is for you, it’s important to know the difference between each one.

Shot blasting takes the centrifugal force of the a speed rotating disk to shoot shots onto the work surface. After processing, the piece will have a finishing effect and go on to generate pressure stress to improve fatigue strength of the product.

Shot blasting could be considered better for the environment, as unlike sand blasting, it doesn’t create silicone dust and so produces less pollution.

Huaxing ISO Crawler Shot Blasting Machine, Used for Foundry ...

roller conveyor shot blasting machine takes compressed air and shoots a high speed abrasive stream of sand onto the work surface. Due to the impact, the surface is cleaned and the coating will have a smooth level. It is common to use sand blasting to clean debris and rust.


Whether you’re one to care about the environment, or need that rust gone fast to coat or paint a surface, it’s important you know the difference between each process so you pick the right one for your project.